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Elder Abuse

WHEREAS seniors are a fast growing segment of the Canadian population; and WHEREAS Seniors are often subjected to emotional, physical and financial abuse and discrimination; therefore BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada develop a national strategic plan to address elder abuse, be it excessive or improper medication, financial, physical, psychological, emotional or […]

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CMHC Loans to Home-Owning Seniors

WHEREAS research shows that many seniors quality of life is best served by maintaining independence and remaining in their own home for as long as feasible; and WHEREAS seniors’ income is generally reduced upon retirement, and their property-related taxes continue to increase; and WHEREAS property-related taxes, therefore, constitute an increasing percentage of the expenses of […]

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Stable, Well-Paying Jobs in Support of Middle Income Families

WHEREAS the Leader of the LPC has indicated a strong interest in addressing the needs of middle income Canadians during the next election campaign; and WHEREAS many educated and skilled Canadians are finding it increasingly difficult to find stable well-paying jobs that can support a middle income lifestyle; and WHEREAS during the 1950 and 60s […]

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Employment Insurance and Job Development

WHEREAS Canada is comprised of rural and urban communities all of which require a healthy job market to provide adequate and expanding, full-time employment opportunities to remain viable; and WHEREAS a high percentage of rural and smaller urban communities are currently dependent upon a combination of seasonal employment and Employment Insurance (EI) for their continued […]

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