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Pension Reform

WHEREAS Canadians need to better plan and provide for their post-retirement financial security; and WHEREAS the current Canadian government unilaterally raised the eligibility age for OAS from 65 to 67 without consultation based on its claim that the O.A.S. program was no longer financially sustainable even though subsequent analysis by the Parliamentary Budget Officer and […]

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Renewing Canadian Democracy

WHEREAS the practices of the current federal government have resulted in Canadians becoming concerned about erosion of Canadian parliamentary democracy; and WHEREAS the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada has recognised this concern and has suggested that one focus of the next Liberal election platform should be an emphasis on renewing Canadian democracy; and […]

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Department of Climate Change

WHEREAS Canadians are experiencing an apparent increase in extreme weather events and natural disasters and reacting to them on an individual basis; and WHEREAS there is a growing international consensus that changes in the global climate is a contributing factor to such events; and WHEREAS analyzing these events to determine if there are common causes […]

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Affordable National Housing Strategy

WHEREAS affordable housing has many different interpretations, any meaningful definition must reflect local community needs ranging from accessible social housing through rental apartments and houses to low-income and middle-income family homes; and WHEREAS access to affordable quality housing is a first step in reducing poverty, hunger and homelessness; and WHEREAS affordable housing for young families […]

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