Election 2021 – Day One

August 18, 2021

On the first full day of Election 2021, Sheila Bryan, Chair of the Senior Liberals’ Commission – Ontario Section, hosted a Zoom meeting of EDA Senior Representatives.

This group has been Zooming on a regular basis for the last few months. The August 16 meeting focused on what the SLC-O can do support seniors during the campaign.

With 121 ridings in Ontario, seniors can play a significant role in the election, beyond voting. Many members of the SLC will volunteer in local campaigns, canvassing by telephone and in person.

The SLC-O has developed a one page outline of talking points that seniors can use in campaigning. It also highlights how to register to vote and the options for voting in this election. You can find out more about voting in Election 2021 here.

The Senior Representatives on the call talked about the issues that are of particular concern to seniors in their ridings. There was a good exchange of ideas on how to address those concerns. Senior Representatives will also be getting an outline of what the Liberal Government has accomplished for Seniors during its mandate.

Participants are looking forward to ramping up their involvement in the campaign to support the re-election of Justin Trudeau and his team to a majority government.

Senior Liberals are very active in their party. They bring experience and energy to campaigns.

If you haven’t yet volunteered for your candidate’s campaign, you can find your candidate here. You can filter the list for candidates in your province. You can volunteer here.

You can help keep Canada moving forward – for everyone.