Election 2021 – Senior Liberals Welcome Campaign Commitments to Older Canadians

August 20, 2021

The Senior Liberals’ Commission of Canada (SLC) today welcomed Justin Trudeau’s announcement to deliver better care for older Canadians.

The COVID-19 pandemic shone light into a lot of dark corners that need our attention, and in the first wave that light revealed to Canadians how vulnerable our aged population living in long-term care was.

Seniors across Canada have been concerned about the realities of long-term care for quite some time,” said Hilary Williamson, Co-Chair (English) of the Senior Liberals’ Commission of Canada. “That is why we sponsored a resolution at the Policy Convention in April this year.”

The announcement by our leader to move decisively on the urgent needs in long-term care across the country will be welcome news to our members” added SLC Policy Chair Fred French. “With significant increases to the Home Accessibility Tax Credit, this campaign commitment also recognizes that the overwhelming majority of us want to age in place.”

SLC Ontario Chair Sheila Bryan, whose Policy Committee worked hard on the long-term care resolution, commented “We are especially pleased that a re-elected Liberal government will introduce the Safe Long-Term Care Act enshrining national standards of care in legislation.”

“Yesterday’s announcement reflects what our members have told us they want in long-term care protection”, French concluded. “It is also an affirmation of the Liberal Party of Canada’s belief in grassroots policy development.”

The Senior Liberals Commission is comprised of volunteers from coast to coast to coast, who assist the Liberal Party of Canada in understanding the needs and interests of Older Canadians.