Have Your Voice Heard!

April 2, 2021

If you had the ear of Party decision-makers – what would you tell them?

The SLC’s robust, grassroots engagement in policy and platform process is an enviable, ongoing dialogue that flows from the bottom to the top of the Party – a unique process in political parties. Some of your fellow Senior Registered Liberals (SRLs) have actively participated and had their say.

The 2021 National Policy convention, our first virtual gathering, is scheduled for April 9-10. Convention attendees will prioritize the policy resolution submissions, https://2021.liberal.ca/policy/.

The SLC process begins with a national survey of all SRLs (60+). Issues are identified. SRLs volunteer to research and prepare resolution proposals. Following online discussions and voting, 9 resolutions advance for prioritization with all PTBs and Commissions. Finally the top 30 resolutions plus a Fast Track from each sponsoring body arrive on the convention floor. Along the way you have ample opportunity to discuss online and to vote on what you think is needed for the future direction of our Party.

Convention resolutions are reduced to 15, plus supported Fast Tracks. These finalists are carefully considered by Platform Committee co-Chairs MP Mona Fortier and MP Terry Duguid.

The SLC submissions are:


A Canadian Basic Income – Rethinking Canada’s Tomorrow (#3375), page 2 – this resolution was blended with similar resolutions submitted by Caucus, LPCO and LPC BC. The Youth Commission also has a Basic Income resolution in the top 30.

No Worker Left Behind in Transition to a Low Carbon Economy (#3110), page 8 – although authored by the SLC, this resolution was submitted by LPCNL.

TOP 30

Long Term Care (#3376), page 3 – was blended with submissions from Caucus, LPCNS, LPCBC.

Stronger Provisions to Protect Employee Pensions in Company Bankruptcies (#3051), page 22

Affordable Rental Housing for Vulnerable Seniors (#3045), page 23

If you are registered for the convention – PLEASE VOTE!

Our next cycle for preparing resolutions and Continuous Engagement begins shortly after the convention. We welcome your knowledge, experience and wisdom!

VOLUNTEER by contacting your SLC Section Chair:  https://slc-cal.liberal.ca/executive/