Know (or are you) a Canadian Expat?

May 20, 2021

Then this is for YOU …

Did you know that you can now vote in federal elections even if you do not live in Canada?

Thanks to the Trudeau Liberal Government, which passed Bill C-76 in 2018 (affirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada in 2019), Canadians can exercise this fundamental democratic right. Regardless of where we live.

To ensure that Canadians living abroad can vote, Elections Canada has set up an International Register of Electors.

You will have to submit an application online. Then, when a general election, or by-election in your riding, is called, a special ballot voting kit will automatically be sent to you.

Follow this Elections Canada link to Registration and Voting Processes for Canadians Who Live Abroad if you have any questions and to register.

In the next election every vote is going to count. So if you leave Canada, or you are not in Canada presently, make sure you get on the Register and cast your vote!

And one other thing. Spread the word – including sharing this page and the Elections Canada link – to other Canadians you know who are, or who plan to be, living outside of Canada. Your vote, and theirs, will make a difference!