Report from the SLC Co-Presidents

Over the last three months, the main objective of the Co-Presidents of the SLC and the provincial and regional executive has been to recruit for the executive positions that remain vacant. They are the policy chair and the director positions for Quebec and Central West and the new position of Communication chair that was created at the National Convention in February.

Organisation has been on the mind of the National Co-Presidents as we prepare for the 2015 election year.

The Senior Liberal Commission will ensure that seniors can fully participate in the election campaign and support our candidates in all ridings.

As National Francophone Co-President, Anne Adams attended the Quebec Convention. She was particularly interested in ensuring the visibility of the Senior Liberal Commission, and supported the election of the New President for Quebec, Madame Linda Julien.

She was also honored to be invited to be one of four presenters at the nomination meeting of Francois-Philippe Champagne who will be our Candidate in the riding of Saint-Maurice-Champlain. This activity gave her the opportunity of meeting with many seniors from the Coeur du Québec.  More recently as a follow up to the Convention in Victoriaville, and at the invitation of the riding president, Mr. Jean-Marie Proulx, she attended the nomination meeting for the riding of Mirabel.

While Quebec has a Senior Liberals Commission, an effort has to be made to establish a fully functional organisation and the National Francophone Co-President will be contacting the executives of the various ridings to create more interest in the commission and identify dynamic seniors who would be interested in a more active role in the Party. Unfortunately, while a candidate was identified as a potential director for Quebec on the National Board, she is not able to commit for family reasons.

Now that the Ontario elections are over, the National Commission will ramp up its activities around asking Ontario Senior Liberals to establish a provincial Seniors Commission as Ontario is the only province without one. So far the interest has been very positive and Ontario Senior Liberals will receive emails over the summer explaining the situation in more detail. The decision to create an Ontario Seniors Liberal Commission will be made at the September LPCO Convention by Senior Liberal delegates.