Seniors, commonly defined as persons 65 years of age or older represent the fastest growing segment of the Canadian population. Today they number about 5 million and they will comprise 25 % of the Canadian population in 25 years. In their lifetimes, Canada’s seniors have contributed enormously to our country’s well-being.

Like all sectors of our population, seniors have many needs, which vary from one individual to another and seniors, by virtue of their age often have a greater and more critical requirement for fulfillment than other sectors of our population. The Liberal Party of Canada has demonstrated a commitment to the well-being of seniors, by the Senior Liberals’ Commission of Canada, which promotes the special needs of seniors, encourages them to participate more fully in the affairs of the Party and to utilize their skills in other facets of our society.


Gregg Guptill
Co-chair, Anglophone

Anne Adams
Co-chair, Francophone

CMHC Loans to Home-Owning Seniors

WHEREAS research shows that many seniors quality of life is best served by maintaining independence and remaining in their own home for as long as feasible; and WHEREAS seniors’ income is generally reduced upon retirement, and their property-related taxes continue to increase; and WHEREAS property-related taxes, therefore, constitute an increasing percentage of the expenses of […]

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Stable, Well-Paying Jobs in Support of Middle Income Families

WHEREAS the Leader of the LPC has indicated a strong interest in addressing the needs of middle income Canadians during the next election campaign; and WHEREAS many educated and skilled Canadians are finding it increasingly difficult to find stable well-paying jobs that can support a middle income lifestyle; and WHEREAS during the 1950 and 60s […]

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Employment Insurance and Job Development

WHEREAS Canada is comprised of rural and urban communities all of which require a healthy job market to provide adequate and expanding, full-time employment opportunities to remain viable; and WHEREAS a high percentage of rural and smaller urban communities are currently dependent upon a combination of seasonal employment and Employment Insurance (EI) for their continued […]

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Pension Reform

WHEREAS Canadians need to better plan and provide for their post-retirement financial security; and WHEREAS the current Canadian government unilaterally raised the eligibility age for OAS from 65 to 67 without consultation based on its claim that the O.A.S. program was no longer financially sustainable even though subsequent analysis by the Parliamentary Budget Officer and […]

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Renewing Canadian Democracy

WHEREAS the practices of the current federal government have resulted in Canadians becoming concerned about erosion of Canadian parliamentary democracy; and WHEREAS the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada has recognised this concern and has suggested that one focus of the next Liberal election platform should be an emphasis on renewing Canadian democracy; and […]

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