Seniors, commonly defined as persons 65 years of age or older represent the fastest growing segment of the Canadian population. Today they number about 5 million and they will comprise 25 % of the Canadian population in 25 years. In their lifetimes, Canada’s seniors have contributed enormously to our country’s well-being.

Like all sectors of our population, seniors have many needs, which vary from one individual to another and seniors, by virtue of their age often have a greater and more critical requirement for fulfillment than other sectors of our population. The Liberal Party of Canada has demonstrated a commitment to the well-being of seniors, by the Senior Liberals’ Commission of Canada, which promotes the special needs of seniors, encourages them to participate more fully in the affairs of the Party and to utilize their skills in other facets of our society.


Gregg Guptill
Co-chair, Anglophone

Anne Adams
Co-chair, Francophone

Department of Climate Change

WHEREAS Canadians are experiencing an apparent increase in extreme weather events and natural disasters and reacting to them on an individual basis; and WHEREAS there is a growing international consensus that changes in the global climate is a contributing factor to such events; and WHEREAS analyzing these events to determine if there are common causes […]

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Affordable National Housing Strategy

WHEREAS affordable housing has many different interpretations, any meaningful definition must reflect local community needs ranging from accessible social housing through rental apartments and houses to low-income and middle-income family homes; and WHEREAS access to affordable quality housing is a first step in reducing poverty, hunger and homelessness; and WHEREAS affordable housing for young families […]

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SLC Resolutions

Here are the links to the 10 Resolutions that will be presented at the Biennial in Montreal. Please note that some of them could still face some modifications before the Convention. Health Care Affordable National Housing Strategy  To Improve the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Canadian Health Care Department of Climate Change Renewing Canadian Democracy Pension […]

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Health Care

WHEREAS past federal payments to provinces/territories under the Canada Health Act have been the result of federal/provincial/territorial negotiation; and WHEREAS the proposed federal funding after 2018 will be determined on a provincial/territorial per capita basis but does not recognize costs related to demographic factors including age(1*); and WHEREAS quality standards are not adequately defined(2*); and […]

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Senior Liberal Commissions across Canada

The Seniors Liberal Commission (SLC) established an objective of increasing engagement with seniors across the country. This will take different forms in different provinces and territories. Here are two examples: Ontario Ontario has the largest number of senior Liberal members in Canada but is the only Province or Territory without a provincial Seniors Liberal Commission […]

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