Affordable National Housing Strategy

WHEREAS affordable housing has many different interpretations, any meaningful definition must reflect local community needs ranging from accessible social housing through rental apartments and houses to low-income and middle-income family homes; and

WHEREAS access to affordable quality housing is a first step in reducing poverty, hunger and homelessness; and

WHEREAS affordable housing for young families is an important step to commence a middle income life style with improved health and wellness and which allows children to more fully benefit from the education system; and

WHEREAS government leadership is necessary to ensure that a range of housing types and designs are available to meet the needs of all Canadians including new immigrants, off-reserve aboriginal Canadians and those with special needs such as  financially insecure seniors, the physically and mentally challenged, the homeless and low income Canadians; and

WHEREAS the LPC at its 2012  convention adopted a priority resolution calling for development of a comprehensive national housing strategy, based on government/industry collaboration, that includes social, low income, co-op and middle income housing and recognises the need for greater access to rental units; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that a Liberal government establish an expert working group with representation from all levels of government, industry, social planning groups and independent experts to implement the 2012 policy resolution #46a; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a Liberal government will provide sustainable and predictable funding in support of such a National Housing Strategy both initially and in the long term.

Senior Liberals’ Commission

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  1. Susan Muma 12. Feb, 2014 at 2:30 pm #

    Great idea. A good start.

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