SLC – Ontario

We acknowledge the Indigenous Peoples of all the lands that we are on today.
We do this to reaffirm our commitment and responsibility to acknowledge the harms made against Indigenous peoples and to affirm that we each will, in our own way, move forward in a spirit of reconciliation and collaboration.
The Senior Liberals’ Commission (SLC) was established in 2003 and is one four commissions recognized within the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC). The Ontario Section of the SLC was initially founded in September of 2014 and became officially recognized by the LPC in October 2016.
If you are a Registered Liberal 60 years of age (or older) residing in Ontario, you are a member of the SLC and the Ontario Section. We encourage older Canadians to participate in the political affairs of our country and provide the LPC with insight and understanding of the needs and concerns of current and future senior citizens.
Together, we encourage discussion about the interests and needs of seniors citizens in Ontario and have them reflected in the Liberal Party’s policy. Many issues, of importance to Seniors, form the Liberal Party of Canada’s platform.
A great way to engage with seniors in your Ontario riding is by becoming a member of a Senior Liberals’ Commission Club. If a Club does not exist in your riding, and you are interested in forming one, contact us by email and we’ll help you get started.
We welcome your thoughts, ideas, comments and questions. Feel free to contact SLC Ontario.

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