SLC Policy Discussion Update

November 1, 2017

Under the Liberal Party of Canada’s Policy Development Guidelines, each Commission – including the Senior Liberals’ Commission – is required to submit up to six prioritized policy resolutions for consideration by the National Platform Committee by November 27, 2017. Of the six, the top three resolutions will also be considered by senior Registered Liberals across Canada in the lead-up to the 2018 LPC Convention in Halifax.

Senior Registered Liberals from across Canada have worked hard over the past several months to create an innovative and democratic process for the development and approval of priority resolutions. This process will culminate in a Policy Prioritization Survey that will soon be announced by email (to all senior Registered Liberals LPC has email addresses for). Those taking part in the SLC Prioritization Survey will be have the opportunity to choose their top six priorities from the list of policy resolutions provided in the Survey.

The policy resolutions are available for review in advance from the list below.


August 29, 2017

The Liberal Party of Canada will be hosting a national policy convention in Halifax April 19-21, 2018. The LPC has developed a set of timelines that will need to be met to prioritize policy resolutions ahead of that convention.

All Commissions – including the Senior Liberals Commission (SLC) – and all provincial and territorial boards are being asked to have their policy resolutions prioritized and submitted to the National Policy Committee by November 27, 2017.

The SLC must have its 6 priority resolutions determined by that time. All 6 will go to the National Platform Committee and the top three resolutions will go to the National Policy Committee for consideration. To that end the provincial and territorial sections of the SLC are being asked to submit their top three (3) policy resolutions to the SLC Policy Committee by August 31, 2017 (Please note: This date has been extended to September 15) when there shall be national on-line discussion and debate and eventually prioritization of all of those that meet the SLC policy criteria. These criteria as well as a description of the SLC Policy Process can be found in the SLC Policy Manual. This Manual can be accessed in English and in French.

In addition to encouraging the SLC provincial and territorial sections to prepare policy resolutions as outlined above, the SLC Policy Committee has established six national working groups, one for each of the six priority issues noted below. Each of these working groups is charged with developing a background paper, as described in the SLC Policy Manual, specific to their issue. These background papers are intended to assist senior Registered Liberals to understand the scope of the issue. They also identify some options to address the challenges associated with the issue.

The background papers are posted on the SLC Policy Forum located at: as they become available. Please click this link or copy it to your browser to access the forum, and review these background documents. You are also encouraged to provide your feedback on these papers.

The national SLC Policy Committee has sent out a questionnaire to all registered senior liberals who had provided their email addresses to the LPC and were identified on Liberalist as seniors in May and this was followed by a second questionnaire in mid-June sent to those who had responded to the first one. The results of this process identified the top 6 issues of concern to senior liberal respondents. Resolutions prepared for SLC consideration and support should be related to one of the following:

  1. Strengthen health throughout Canada including better access to family doctors and health care services, reducing wait times for specialists and medical procedures, innovating to reduce costs and achieve more efficient delivery of services.
  2. Stronger efforts to create stable, quality jobs for all Canadians with an emphasis on real opportunities for the younger generations.
  3. A continuum of affordable housing for seniors, from expanded home care service, to senior care and dementia care facilities, including the need for better trained staff.
  4. Government leadership in addressing all aspects of environmental sustainability, not just mitigation.
  5. Restructuring the economy to address the emerging challenges of the 21st century.
  6. Address the challenge of low income seniors, many of whom are dependent on OAS and GIS and struggling to meet basic needs.

Senior Registered Liberals who are interested to develop a specific policy resolutions should contact their SLC Section Policy Chair, as noted in the SLC Policy Manual. You are also encourage to work with your local SLC club or your EDA Policy Chair to craft policy resolutions that are responsive to one or more of the above priority issues.

Completed policy resolutions should be submitted to the SLC Policy Chair