SLC & Senior Reps

March 1, 2021

The Senior Liberals’ Commission has been working to improve its grassroots engagement by increasing the number of its Senior Representatives in riding associations across the country, and by supporting their efforts to connect with older Canadians.

In Ontario, Senior Liberals’ Commission Section Chair Sheila Bryan has worked hard to bring together active Senior Registered Liberals in the province – members of the Section Board and Committees, Seniors Clubs and EDA Seniors’ Representatives who may not know their counterparts in nearby EDAs.

Though not every EDA has a Senior Rep on its executive yet, the SLC Ontario Board hope that those who have already taken on that role might benefit from networking. In January 2021, Sheila sent a short survey to Ontario Senior Reps and Senior Club Chairs to test that idea. An overwhelming response rate (close to 80%) demonstrated strong interest.

While in person meetings have been unsafe during the pandemic, meeting technologies have come into common usage. On Monday February 22, SLC Ontario held its first Zoom networking meeting. More than 20 EDAs from all parts of the province shared their views.

The first item of business was a round-table discussion of activities in each of the EDAs on Seniors’ issues. It was gratifying to hear how active so many Senior Registered Liberals are on their EDA Boards and their policy committees. This discussion led naturally to talking about the upcoming National Policy Convention and the current policy resolution prioritization process. There was a very high level of interest in getting out the Seniors’ vote on policy, and in attendance at the Virtual Convention in April.

The SLCO had prepared a poster to encourage participation in the national policy vote. Those present were pleased to have this, to encourage Senior Liberal voting in their EDAs. All present were enthusiastic about continuing to share good ideas and best practices in further video-conference meetings.