Policy Discussion Update

October 31, 2017
The SLC Ontario Section, with the support of a number of Ontario EDAs, has submitted its top three policy resolutions along with background supporting documents to the SLC National Policy Committee (NPC). Other provincial sections and national issue working groups have also submitted proposals. All 19 policy resolutions received by the SLC NPC will be provided to senior Registered Liberals (that LPC has email addresses for) for prioritization in an online Survey by the SLC in early November. Survey participants will be able to choose their six most important policy resolutions.

We encourage all senior Registered Liberals in Ontario to review the policy resolutions proposed and vote on their six choices. The top six resolutions receiving the most votes (in order of total votes cast) will be submitted to LPC’s National Policy Committee by November 27, 2017. The top three policy resolutions submitted by the SLC Ontario Section may be viewed by clicking the following links (links to background papers are included at the bottom of each resolution):

July 8, 2017
The Liberal Party of Canada will be hosting a national policy convention in April of 2018 in Halifax. The LPC has developed a set of timelines that will need to be met to prioritize policy resolutions ahead of that convention.

All Commissions – including the Senior Liberals Commission (SLC) and all provincial and territorial boards – are being asked to have their policy resolutions prioritized and submitted to the National Platform Committee and the National Policy Committee by November 27, 2017.

The SLC must have its 6 priority resolutions determined by that time. All 6 will go to the National Platform Committee and the top three resolutions will go to the National Policy Committee for consideration. To that end the provincial and territorial sections of the SLC are being asked to have their top three (3) policy resolutions up to the national SLC by August 31, 2017 when there shall be national on-line discussion and debate and eventually prioritization of all of them. So, the OS-SLC has the opportunity to bring its 3 top issues to the national table.

The national SLC Policy Committee has sent out a questionnaire to all registered senior liberals who had provided their email addresses to the LPC and were identified on Liberalist as seniors in May and this was followed by a second questionnaire in mid-June sent to those who had responded to the first one. The results of this process identified the top 6 issues of concern to senior liberal respondents. Resolutions going from the SLC should be related to one of the following:

  1. Strengthen health throughout Canada including better access to family doctors and health care services, reducing wait times for specialists and medical procedures, innovating to reduce costs and achieve more efficient delivery of services.
  2. Stronger efforts to create stable, quality jobs for all Canadians with an emphasis on real opportunities for the younger generations.
  3. A continuum of affordable housing for seniors, from expanded home care service, to senior care and dementia care facilities, including the need for better trained staff.
  4. Government leadership in addressing all aspects of environmental sustainability, not just mitigation.
  5. Restructuring the economy to address the emerging challenges of the 21st century.
  6. Address the challenge of low income seniors, many of whom are dependent on OAS and GIS and struggling to meet basic needs.

The Ontario SLC Section’s Policy Committee- with the support of its Regional Directors – wishes to engage with EDAs, Seniors Clubs and LPC Ontario Section Commissions across the province in creating and preparing policy resolutions of importance to seniors. To that end we ask that EDA Chairs and policy chairs, Seniors Clubs Chairs and policy chairs, Ontario section Commission Chairs and policy chairs, and SLC EDA Representatives interested in working on policy development in any of those areas contact us.

We will be able to provide assistance with organizing regional workshops, supporting the development of resolutions and the required accompanying background evidence papers, and explaining the principles and practices of policy development. We would also be very interested in co-sponsoring Ontario SLC Section resolutions with any of the above mentioned groups. A Tool Kit for policy development in Ontario is in the process of being developed and a link to it will be posted here shortly.

If you are interested in working with us, please contact Ontario SLC Section Policy Committee members John Stopper or Julius Toth.

We are look forward to having some great policy ideas come forward and having a healthy debate in Ontario as we develop policy resolutions related the top issues identified by senior Registered Liberals. Please join us in getting Ontario SLC Section resolutions up to the national policy conference.