Manitoba SLC Section



If you are a Registered Liberal 60 years of age (or older) residing in Manitoba, you are automatically a member of the Senior Liberals’ Commission and its Manitoba Section. On behalf of SLC(MB), I welcome you and invite you to become actively involved.

There are many ways to do so. Our Liberal constitution ensures that every Electoral District Association (EDA) includes a Senior Representative, appointed by the SLC(MB) executive, as a voting member. Our goal is to have a Senior Rep on every riding Executive in Manitoba.

Senior Liberals are also active in policy. Many issues, of importance to Seniors, form the Liberal Party of Canada’s platform. At the 2018 Halifax biennial Policy Convention, the SLC succeeded in having 2 resolutions (related to Healthcare and Stable, Quality Jobs) prioritized by the Party. Policy resolution development and advocacy is ongoing.

Another great way to engage with Seniors in Manitoba is by becoming a member of a Senior Liberals’ Commission Club. If a Club does not exist in your riding, and you are interested in forming one, contact us by email and we’ll help you get started.

Seniors can make a significant contribution in so very many areas. We welcome your thoughts, ideas, comments and questions. Feel free to contact the Manitoba SLC Section. Your voice is needed, and appreciated,

Ron Mazur, Chair, Manitoba