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Senior Liberals are informed, engaged, contributing members of the Liberal Party of Canada

A Registered Liberal who has reached the age of 60 is a member of the Senior Liberals’ Commission.
Seniors represent the fastest growing segment of the Canadian population. Their numbers are currently estimated to be about four million persons and it is estimated that within the next quarter century they will comprise one quarter of the Canadian population.
In their lifetimes, Canada’s seniors have contributed enormously to our country’s well-being. Their commitment and contribution to this country must not be overlooked. Neither should their vast resource of knowledge and experience, nor the fact that they continue to contribute as taxpayers, consumers and volunteers. Our seniors have accumulated a vast wealth of skills, experience and maturity which represents an enormous investment on the part of themselves, their employers and Canadian society in general. Unfortunately at the point of retirement much of their investment is lost.
Like all sectors of our population, seniors have many needs, which vary from one individual to another and seniors, by virtue of their age often have a greater and more critical requirement for fulfillment than other sectors of our population. The Liberal Party of Canada has in the past demonstrated a commitment to the well-being of seniors. Consequently the Liberal party of Canada has developed a special facility within the Party, the Senior Liberals’ Commission of Canada which promotes the special needs of seniors, encourages seniors to participate more fully in the affairs of the Party and to utilize their accumulated skills in other facets of our society.

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