Jamboarding on Policy

July 26, 2022

Ontario Section Policy deliberations took on a new flavour this time out. Instead of sending out a survey to EDAs (riding associations), the SLC Ontario Board wanted to hear directly from a sampling of EDA Senior Liberals.

To do that, it decided to engage everyone in a Zoom consultation session by regions (there are six Ontario Section regions) – and to use a new tool, a Google digital interactive whiteboard called Jamboard. This allowed everyone to brainstorm their policy priority ideas, using a yellow stickie, just like one you might use in the office.

They placed their yellow stickies – each one containing a unique idea – under different headings: home care; financial security; healthcare; support workers; rural & remote challenges; and anything else that wasn’t covered by those topics.

Over 50 Senior Liberals participated and a lot of ideas were presented. After they were all put together, participants were polled on the top 17 and asked to choose their top four. Those four are the ones that are currently being developed into SLC Ontario policy resolutions.

Ontario Section Chair Sheila Bryan is very enthused about this process: “it was fun, fast moving, exciting and energizing – for all – and it gave us great results. How great? Guess we’ll find out in the voting”.