SLC Draft Charter

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Executive Summary

In February of 2017, the SLC’s National Executive established an ad-hoc committee to review, and revise the SLC’s Charter (former constitution) as ratified at the last SLC General Meeting on May 26, 2016.

The Draft SLC Charter is the culmination of work completed by the Charter Committee between March 14 and August 31. The Draft Charter is based largely on the former SLC constitution. It includes numerous minor changes and improvements to make most sections easier to understand. It does not include provisions that are now covered within sections of the LPC Constitution and By-laws (i.e. appeals, policy consultation, convention regulations). This Executive Summary will cover one substantive change and a few significant changes along with the rationale behind them.

Substantive change

Membership – Section 4 (on page 4)
The Draft Charter proposes lowering the age at which a Registered Liberal becomes a member of the Senior Liberals’ Commission to 60 from 65.
Rationale – Lowering the age for membership qualification has been suggested numerous times in recent years as more Canadians are retiring from the workforce well before the age of 65. Lowering the age qualification should encourage greater participation with the Commission, its Sections and Clubs.

Other significant changes

SLC Sections – Section 17 (pages 11-12)
In addition to encouraging establishment of SLC Clubs, an additional primary responsibility for provincial and territorial Sections will be to establish and maintain contact with SLC Representatives on EDA boards within their respective areas of jurisdiction. Appointment of SLC Representatives is detailed in Appendix A of the Draft Charter (page 15).
Rationale – This is required in order to comply with LPC By-law 2 (now governing Electoral District Associations) which states that each EDA board shall include a representative of each commission with voting privileges.

SLC Clubs – Section 18 (page 12)
Notable is the change to the minimum number of members required to found and maintain a Club, from 10 to 7 (The minimum had been 25 in the 2014 SLC constitution and reduced to 10 in the 2016 SLC constitution). This section refers to making application for establishment of a Club in accordance with Parts 1 and 2 of Appendix B in the Draft Charter (pages 16-17). It also refers to the SLC Club Start-up Kit maintained and made available by the SLC National Board. The Start-up Kit includes a standardized Club Procedure Manual, sample administrative documents and a Getting Started Guide.
Rationale – These changes should make it easier to get a Club started and help take the guess-work out of the Club start-up process.

Official Languages – Meetings & Documentation – Section 24 (page 14)
Previously Section 27, which only applied to General Meetings of the Commission, Section 24 has been expanded so that SLC National Board meetings (formerly referred to as SLC executive meetings) shall be conducted in a manner respecting the official language requirements of all board members. Further, all documents requiring a board vote shall be made available in both official languages.

Review and comments

The time period for sending comments on the Draft Charter to the Charter Committee closed at 12:00 noon EST on Monday, December 11, 2017. The Charter Committee thanks all those who submitted comments for the Committee’s consideration. An update on the final Draft Charter will be posted on this page at a later date.

The Draft Charter version 2 is still available for viewing and download.
For comparison, the current SLC Constitution (2016) is also available for download.