SLC Policy Discussion Update

Jan 2018

The SLC online voting closed on November 23, 2017. Over 2000 senior Registered Liberals participated. As a result, the following six policy resolutions were identified as priority resolutions and submitted to the LPC National Policy Chair on November 27. Please click on the title of the resolution to access it.

Priority Policy Resolutions

(in ranked order)

Other 2017 SLC Policy Resolutions

April 2018

The top three priority resolutions were considered within the LPC national policy process for online line debate and prioritization (March 4, 2018 to March 18, 2018) in the lead up to the LPC National Convention in Halifax. Our top three priority resolutions were selected for debate and consideration in Halifax.

In addition, all six priority resolutions were forwarded to the National Platform Committee, for possible inclusion in the 2019 Election Platform.

2018 Policy Resolutions of the Liberal Party of Canada

Here are the Liberal Party of Canada’s 2018 Policy Resolutions.