SLC Policy

THE LIBERAL PARTY OF CANADA requires a national policy and prioritization process be established that provides for:

  • continuous meaningful, grassroots engagement and discussion amongst Senior Registered Liberals;
  • a democratic, transparent and accessible process;
  • promotion of diversity, bilingualism and gender equity;
  • provision for Senior Registered Liberals to improve policies, provide input on public affairs and contribute resolutions for consideration in the election platform;
  • regular reporting on the status of prioritized resolutions.


CONTINUOUS ENGAGEMENT is the process by which the Senior Liberals` Commission (SLC) engages with Senior Registered Liberals (60 +) to participate in the public affairs of Canada.

This process is conducted by advocating and supporting Liberal values, philosophies and principles; and by engaging in Forums to:

  • improve Party policies;
  • provide input on new and emerging issues;
  • advocate for policy implementation;
  • contribute to the electoral platform through the submission of resolutions;
  • facilitate policy development work.



At biennial conventions, Senior Registered Liberals prioritize resolutions to be considered for Party Platform.

The 2021 Convention is scheduled for April 9-10.

Canadians may register as Liberals to participate in the convention voting for resolutions. View the 2021 resolutions at the convention site:

Resolutions prepared by Senior Registered Liberals for 2021 policy prioritization include:

SLC Resolutions Advancing to Voting on the 2021 Convention Floor:

SLC Resolutions for Party Platform Consideration:

Additional Submissions for SLC Continuous Engagement:

Past prioritized resolutions can be viewed in SLC Policy Discussion Update (2017-2018).