SLC Policy

THE LIBERAL PARTY OF CANADA requires a national policy and prioritization process be established that provides for:

  • continuous meaningful, grassroots engagement and discussion amongst Senior Registered Liberals;
  • a democratic, transparent and accessible process;
  • promotion of diversity, bilingualism and gender equity;
  • provision for Senior Registered Liberals to improve policies, provide input on public affairs and contribute resolutions for consideration in the election platform;
  • regular reporting on the status of prioritized resolutions.


CONTINUOUS ENGAGEMENT is the process by which the Senior Liberals` Commission (SLC) engages with Senior Registered Liberals (60 +) to participate in the public affairs of Canada.

This process is conducted by advocating and supporting Liberal values, philosophies and principles; and by engaging in Forums to:

  • improve Party policies;
  • provide input on new and emerging issues;
  • advocate for policy implementation;
  • contribute to the electoral platform through the submission of resolutions;
  • facilitate policy development work.



At biennial conventions, Senior Registered Liberals prioritize resolutions to be considered for Party Platform.

The 2021 Convention is scheduled for April 9-10.

Canadians may register as Liberals to participate in the convention voting for resolutions. View the 2021 resolutions at the convention site:

Resolutions prepared by Senior Registered Liberals for 2021 policy prioritization include:

SLC Resolutions Advancing to Voting on the 2021 Convention Floor:

SLC Resolutions for Party Platform Consideration:

Additional Submissions for SLC Continuous Engagement:

These are the 26 Policy Resolutions passed and prioritized by Registered Liberals at the 2021 Liberal National Convention. They appear in the order of priority.

Past prioritized resolutions can be viewed in SLC Policy Discussion Update (2017-2018).