What we stand for

SLC Mission statement

To inspire older Canadians to participate in the political affairs of Canada and to provide the Liberal Party of Canada with insight and understanding of the interests and needs of Canada’s current and future senior citizens.

Who We Are

The Senior Liberals’ Commission is dedicated to making Canada more senior-friendly by providing a forum for policy discussion and development. We are men and women, 60 years of age and over, members of the Liberal Party of Canada.

What You Can Do To Contribute

The wisdom and experience that come with age are underutilized in our society. We want to turn that around. Seniors are, and want to remain, active members of society. Here are some of the issues where we need your help:

  • Seniors living below the poverty line.
  • The shortage of affordable housing.
  • Home care – staying in your home for as long as possible with the appropriate support services.
  • If you move to a seniors’ home, don’t you want to know it’s abuse-free, high quality and monitored?
  • The increased societal responsibilities of seniors as grandparents.
  • Inadequate community services such as transportation, activities, home care and services. 
  • The lack of protection for pensions if a company runs into financial trouble.

Did we miss your issue? Get it on the list! Participate!

Why You Should be Involved!

The Liberal Party is the only federal political party with an established Commission for seniors to give us a direct voice in the development of important policies that affect our lives on a daily basis.