Seniors, commonly defined as persons 65 years of age or older represent the fastest growing segment of the Canadian population. Today they number about 5 million and they will comprise 25 % of the Canadian population in 25 years. In their lifetimes, Canada’s seniors have contributed enormously to our country’s well-being.

Like all sectors of our population, seniors have many needs, which vary from one individual to another and seniors, by virtue of their age often have a greater and more critical requirement for fulfillment than other sectors of our population. The Liberal Party of Canada has demonstrated a commitment to the well-being of seniors, by the Senior Liberals’ Commission of Canada, which promotes the special needs of seniors, encourages them to participate more fully in the affairs of the Party and to utilize their skills in other facets of our society.


Gregg Guptill
Co-chair, Anglophone

Anne Adams
Co-chair, Francophone

Ontario Section – Senior Liberals’ Commission

The Senior Liberals’ Commission (SLC) was established in 2003 and is one four commissions recognized within the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC). The Ontario Section of the SLC was initially founded in September of 2014 and became officially recognized by the LPC in October 2016. If you are a Registered Liberal 65 years of age […]

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Retirement Security

Retirement security continues to be a major issue for senior citizens in Canada. Liberals believe that government has a critical role to play in helping Canadians save for their retirement security. Through the creation and strengthening of the Canada Pension Plan, we have consistently worked to support Canadians who wish to retire in dignity and […]

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Report from the SLC Co-Presidents

Over the last three months, the main objective of the Co-Presidents of the SLC and the provincial and regional executive has been to recruit for the executive positions that remain vacant. They are the policy chair and the director positions for Quebec and Central West and the new position of Communication chair that was created […]

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News from the Convention

Hello fellow seniors, We are pleased to announce that the Biennial Convention of the Liberal Party of Canada, held in Montreal last weekend, was a great success. We had a full room at our Annual General Meeting. Our members had the chance to hear an engaging speech by the Hon. John McCallum, who was the […]

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Elder Abuse

WHEREAS seniors are a fast growing segment of the Canadian population; and WHEREAS Seniors are often subjected to emotional, physical and financial abuse and discrimination; therefore BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada develop a national strategic plan to address elder abuse, be it excessive or improper medication, financial, physical, psychological, emotional or […]

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