Notice of General Meeting

The General Meeting of the Senior Liberals’ Commission will be held during the LPC Convention in Halifax between 12:00 noon and 2:30 pm on Thursday, April 19, in the Convention Centre. All senior Registered Liberals who will be attending the LPC Convention are encouraged to attend this General Meeting. Location details will be available in the Convention Program received at the Convention Registration Desk onsite, and will be added to this notice once confirmed.

Presentations during the General Meeting will include reports from the SLC Co-chairs, Deputy Policy Chair and Charter Committee Chair. The Commission’s new Charter will not be presented for ratification by the assembly; it has not yet been adopted by LPC’s National Board. A half-hour presentation on establishing Clubs will follow after the General Meeting.

Nominations for SLC Officers

Officers of the SLC National Board will be elected by secret ballot during the LPC Convention in Halifax. Any senior Registered Liberal wishing to stand for an Officer position may submit their intent to stand and request an application package be email from the National Returning Officer. The deadline for submitting the completed nomination package is March 14, 2018. More information on Elections is available on the LPC Convention website.

Officers to be elected
Co-Chair English
Co-Chair French
Policy Chair
Communications Chair
Regional Director – Western
Regional Director – Central West
Regional Director – Ontario
Regional Director – Quebec
Regional Director – Atlantic
Reference: The current SLC Executive

Who we are

The Senior Liberals’ Commission is made up of volunteers from the four corners of the country who’s aim is to assist the Liberal Party of Canada in understanding the interest and needs of present and future senior Canadians. Moreover, the board of the SLC endeavours to encourage older Canadians, registered liberals, to participate in the political affairs of our country and affords them a platform for mobilisation and representation.

According to Statistics Canada*, the number of seniors (aged 65 or older) living in Canada has increased steadily over the past 45 years. From 1971 to 2011, the proportion of seniors in the population grew from 8% to 14%, reaching 5 million. Demographic projections show the proportion of seniors is expected to increase significantly until 2031 and could represent between 23% and 25% of Canada’s total population by 2036.

The Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) demonstrated a commitment to the well-being of seniors by establishing the Senior Liberals’ Commission (SLC) in 2003. As one of four commissions recognized within the LPC, the SLC is a constituent body composed of provincial and territorial Sections, each of which serve as the Commission’s principal representative for development of close working relationships with LPC’s provincial and territorial boards and the federal electoral district associations (EDAs) within them.

The SLC and its Sections are dedicated to encouraging greater participation of senior Canadians in the political affairs of our country by providing a forum for engagement and representation. This includes gaining a more informed understanding of issues of concern to senior citizens in Canada from a national perspective, by regularly seeking input from senior Registered Liberals – through our representatives on EDA boards and active SLC Clubs – and endeavouring to communicate the need for improvement through the LPC’s policy development process. We also encourage our members to volunteer with their respective EDAs, assist candidates with election campaign activities, participate as advocates for senior services in their communities, and – last but not least – contribute to the LPC in any way possible.

A great way to engage with seniors in your riding is by becoming a member of a Senior Liberals’ Commission Club. If Club does not exist in your riding, and you are interested in forming one, contact us by email and we’ll help you get started.

Gregg Guptill, Co-chair, Anglophone
Anne Adams, Co-chair, Francophone

* Source: Statistics Canada

Ontario Section – Senior Liberals’ Commission

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